We deliver Nordic vertical software

EG is a market leading vendor of Nordic vertical software for private and public customers.

Our software is developed by specialists with deep industry and domain knowledge, supporting business-critical and administrative processes.

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Our business

Our business

We love to make technology and business communicate!

Software is best, when it makes a difference for the people who use it every day. At EG, we are market leading vendors of Nordic vertical software to more than 26.000 customers in the private and public sector.

We believe that together we can provide our customers with the best software on the market that allows them to further develop and strengthen their organization.

Our organization is characterized by great flexibility, and we are working in an informal, modern and agile environment.




We deliver the best software on the market because we have highly competent and engaged employees who know that they will only get better through collaboration and active knowledge sharing. Our belief is that everyone has a talent that can be practised, and we know that personality and teamwork are essential factors in order to deliver.

In EG, we give you the opportunity to further develop your talent and therefore we work focused and structured with the development of our employees and managers through our GROW-processes and internal mobility, among other things. We believe that development of our employees comes from within – and that development only happens if both employees and managers take responsibility and are active during the process.

Recruitment process

Recruitment process

Recruitment process

At EG, we emphasize that you get a professional and positive recruitment process when you apply for a job in EG. Our goal is to attract the best candidates with diverse competences, backgrounds and experiences. We believe that diversity among our employees helps create the best results and an amazing workplace.

Our recruitment process consists of the following steps:

recruitment process

Vision – mission – values

In EG we want to be an accountable and honest company and as part of our common operating model we share a joint vision, mission and core values.




We enable our customers to become industry leaders.




We build market leading vertical software.




This is how we work and what defines us

Customer focus

We have deep knowledge of our customers’ business and industries

We enable our customers to become industry leaders by providing best in class vertical software and support.  Our software is infused with the highly specialized knowledge of all of our employees. We always strive to get better: We are a team of innovators, problem solvers and doers. Without our customers and bright employees, there is no EG.

Deliver what we promise

We take responsibility and deliver mission critical solutions

It is an integral part of our culture that we take responsibility for our contribution to customers, to each other and to the society we live in. We deliver quality and reliability and we aim to always be a trusted partner. We know that the solutions we deliver are mission critical for our customers and that we take very seriously.

Respect for each other

We honor diverse ways of thinking

In EG we embrace workforce diversity and value a diversity of perspectives – leveraging the diverse personalities, thinking, skills, experience and working styles of our employees, customers and other stakeholders. Scandinavian leadership culture in everything we do: No politics. Only real responsibility and collaboration.

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